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Kevin Thorn

Hi Vial,

If I understand correctly, the Search option/feature currently in Storyline (both SL1 and SL2) will only work with the Player Menu activated. Keep in mind this Search box will only search words within the Menu structure and not any slide content.

For searching within slide content, there's not a current solution as a built-in feature with Storyline.

VIAL Sandrine


No, the search Option currently in storyline (1 ou 2) with the player menu actived also allows you to search in the slides.I tested.

I do not want to use the menus and navigation default SL.
I'll build the entire interface. So I am looking for a way to add search box. Is this possible with Javascript?

Steve Gannon

Hi Vial,

If you are familiar with Flash coding, you may be able to use the SDK to create a custom search feature. The SDK is currently only available for Storyline 1 but Articulate is working on an SDK for Storyline 2.

The slide text and Notes panel text are both stored in frame.xml in the story_contents folder of a project's published output. It may be possible to use JavaScript to write a search routine that would look through the contents of frame.xml and report back the slide ID containing that content.  

Kevin, I don't understand your comment: "...this Search box will only search words within the Menu structure and not any slide content". Storyline's built-in Search feature enables the user to search for a word or phrase on a slide as well as the Notes panel. Maybe I'm misinterpreting what you were saying.

Indrani Sen

Hi Leslie,


I also have a question about the 'seach' feature for Storyline 2.  I am creating an e-learning course with several categories.  Each category has a number of items. I would like the ability to search for an item.

1.       Main Menu branches off to several categories (tabs). 

2.       Each tab includes subset of items 

3.       Can I have a search icon enabling searching in all slides?


Please check the word document for a  visual explanation.  Thank you so much.  I really appreciate your time and help. 



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Indrani,

Thanks for the images, looks like a great design you've got started.

The Storyline player search function is a part of the player and has to be used in conjunction with the menu. That'll search all slides and slide notes and then allow a user to jump to the slide where the wording is present. It doesn't have a set up to be included as a separate button on your slide, so that may be something that folks in the community could share ideas around - I wouldn't be shocked if it's something that could be done with Javascript. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Indrani - Currently, the close/exit button for lightbox slides can't be changed. However, you can create your own custom lightboxes with a modified close/exit button and this article may be able to assist you.

In addition, I've seen some users mention changing this icon by modifying the published output, which is not something we can support, but you are welcome to take a look at this thread.