Search Menu not working as aspected...

We have a restricet navigation in our coruses, we don't want th user to be able to skip any part of the coure the first time he views it.

We discovered that even if the navivigation is restricted (in the menu and with variables ) the user can go wherever he wants using the search feature in the menu. So, for exemple, he can search for the name of the last slide and skip the entire course.
We thought that this may be a bug, if the menu is locked, or restricted one should not be able to open a slide by searching for it (as he can't open it by clicking on it in the menu).
We don't want to remove the search menu, since it is a feature very usefull when the user wants to review the course...
Is there a way to fix the search in the menu?

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Geert De Rycke

Hi Alberto,

Welcome to the E-Learning heroes forum.

As soon as you allow the user to use the search option, he can basically do whatver he wants.

There are a variety of possibilities that you can use to perevent a user from going to the last slide as exiting the course as compleded

For instance.

Create a variable

Each time a user goes to a slide he hasn't seen yet, add 1 to that variable

On you last slide you check if the variable = nr of slides in your course, if so, then allow the user to quit

A variation.

have a variable (true/false) on each slide, initialise them all to False, when a user comes to a slide, then alter that slides variable to True.

The last slide you only allow the user to quit if all slide variables are set to True

Both examples may involve a lot of variables that need to be create, set and checked...


Alberto Mendolia

thanks for your reply

We already use a ton of variables... for exemple evrey slide has its variable (ture/false) that became true only when timeline ends and you can go to the next slide only if that variable is true.
If i am not wrong setting variable as you suggest shoud have the side effect that the user must complete the course in one session, and our clients would not like it...

I will think about your suggestions, and hope that the search feature of the menu will be fixed to follow the behavior of the menu... 

Zio Fonta

i confirm we are having the same problem, that has been noticed by the customer (bad figure...) and that is hard to solve  with variables.

The only way to solve would be to unlock a variable at the end of previous slide and to make a check of it on the next one, but this would mean to introduce one variable for each slide and 2 triggers, risking to easily commit errors when moving slide order through the course. so in my opinion this feature should be active by default on search field.