Searchable Resources in Storyline?

Is there a way to also search the content provided in resources tab and not only in slides?

Our customers are taking exams we produced with Storyline on our products.

Since long we provide training material on a USB pen: All training slides and additional pdf material are indexed for full text search. Full text search is important for the exam - students are allowed to use all training material.

Creating the Master structure for the USB is a rather 'handmade' procedure - working but not really convenient. 

So, I'm interested to maybe replace our current 'handmade' solution with Articulate. Advantage: we could provide the content on our LMS but we can also export to a version we might still provide to our customers on a USB pen.

Do you plan to add a search functionality also on resources on Articulate roadmap? Or maybe another idea? 

Thank you in advance.


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