Second attempt score not passing to LMS

Sep 22, 2016

I have a Storyline module that I have published in SCORM 2004 and uploaded to a Cornerstone LMS. The client wanted the user to be able to opt out on the first slide if the content of the module did not pertain to them. So, I made the opt out question a scored question along with a couple questions at the end. If they opt out on the first question, they get a score of 50%, which I made the passing grade.

The problem is, if they go back in and decide they DO want to take the content, go through the course and answer the questions at the end, getting a higher score, Cornerstone is still showing that original 50%. Is there any way to get Cornerstone to over-ride the original score, or is there a better way that I should have set this course up?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jennifer!

If you set up your quiz so that a score can only improve on subsequent attempts, this may resolve the issue you are experiencing. 

1. Open up the Configuration.js file. 

2. Change this: 


To this: 


3. Save the file. 

4. Re-upload your course to the LMS 

By making the change above, this should cause the score to only improve on subsequent attempts. Otherwise, I would advise that you follow up with your LMS team.

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