Second click on submit button after publish skips feedback layer and jumps to the next screen

Hello! - the case is here. 

I've made some custom drag'n'drop interaction which remembers the good answers from the user and resets the bad ones, so they can be dragged once more. When I do this in storyline preview, everything works just fine, when I publish, this happen:

My slide is based on variables and it has 'reset to inital state' option. When I click 'check' button two things can happen.

1) if interaction is not 100% correct, it saves the proper answers, and 'jump to this slide' trigger occurs. The slide is reseted and I can take the d&d once again.

2) if interaction is 100% correct, the 'correct' layer shows.

And if 2) occurs at the first time - everything is ok, I've got my feedback. But if it's not correct on the first try and I try to manually show 'correct' layer - it just jumps to the next slide. There is only ONE jump to the next slide trigger on my slide, when I click the 'next' button in lower right corner.

Would that be some kind of bug? Can anyone reproduce it? 

Due to the NDA I cannot share the story file, but I can assure eveyrone - there are NO jump to the next slide triggers. It just

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