Second motion path not recognized - Slider interaction backward and forward

Oct 20, 2020

Hi there. I am using a slider interaction to show a curve moving up and down a slope of a graph. I am using different layers for each slider movement. I am using a motion path to show the image sliding up and down, so depending on the last layer the slider has been, the motion path direction will change. 

I have read previous discussions and set up true/ false variables, however no matter what I do, only one of the motion paths is recognised. 

Any advice would be great.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Lisa!

Thank you for sharing your project! After looking at your project, I found a simpler way to accomplish what I think you're looking to do. Instead of motion paths, I used states. I've attached your project to this reply. Take a look and let me know if that will work!

I've also added a slide that explains how to control a shape using the slider.

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