Secondary Layer with no access to Base Layer objects

I have built numerous courses in SL2 and have just begun my first using SL360.  I'm loving the new tools and content overall, and my current client loves the Perspective template slide set, which are built on black background basic slide layouts. All good, until I add a layer to a slide. When I do, I get a blank black layer. When I check the timeline, the Base Layer components are listed and turned on but none are visible (and toggling has no effect).  When I check the Properties of the layer, the only Visibility option that is checked is 'Hide other slide layers'.  I would really like to be able to turn the Base Layer objects on/off, and build layers the way I did in SL2.  What do I need to do to fix this? Please help.

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Tristan Dressler

Hi Wendy, The Show/Hide All 'eye' icon is 'on' and doesn't change when I toggle it off (like it is disabled, maybe?).  I can toggle the 'eye' icons on and off for each of the base layer components listed in the timeline, but nothing appears/disappears. I have attached a screenshot.