Section 508 Compliance (Accessibility) - Tabbing using the Keyboard only

Feb 22, 2015


I am trying to complete the 508 testing of a course created using Articulate Storyline 1 and then republished using Storyline 2.

When I tab through on the screen using only the keyboard, I cannot access an interactive element - the navigation menu scroll bar on the left side of the screen. Is there a non-standard or alternative keyboard command that is required to access the scrollbar on the Nav Menu??

I only know of using the tab, tab+ shift, enter, arrow keys, and spacebar.

I am looking forward to any help or feedback that anyone can provide.

Thank you.

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Reana Kobayashi

Hi Nancy,

Thank you for the speedy reply. I have a lot of topics in the menu, so I want to be able to use the scrollbar as an alternative to tabbing to the menu then using the up and down arrows to select the topics. It seems that some of the topics cannot be seen on the Nav Menu screen without scrolling down because there are so many topics.

I attached a screen shot of the course. On the left side you can see the nav menu gets cut off towards the bottom. When I use the up down arrows, the visual focus of the menu does not follow or the menu does not scroll down. So I cannot see what topic is selected next.


Reana Kobayashi

Also I think according to the DHS test process for Web Applications any interactive element should be accessible or possible to be activated by the keyboard. I think the scrollbar is considered an interactive element and serves a function within the Navigation menu, and it should be possible to access it or activate it by using keyboard commands.

Reana Kobayashi

Hi Nancy, I suppose that is what I will have to do for this course, but perhaps I can put in a feature request for the next update of the software. For now, I will remove the knowledge checks as topics from the nav menu. Thank you for taking the time to send replies to my questions and pointing out the unnecessary menu topics.

david mckisick

Thought I would bounce in and see if there has been any update to the NEXT button issue when tabbing. If you recall, NEXT button restricted navigation can be bypassed by tabbing to the NEXT button and hitting the ENTER key. Disabled users (or smarty smart users) should not be able to cheese through a restricted navigation course just by using the tab and enter keys.

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