Section questions not allowing participants to retry the questions

Hello All!  I'm hoping someone can help me out with a problem I'm having.  I have set up 2 or 3 questions at the end of each section.  I've set them set up with 3 tries each.  If the learner doesn't answer the question correctly at the end of the 3 tries, we need our file to direct the learner back to the beginning of the section so they can review the information in that section and then take the questions again.  However, when I set the triggers up, it will take them back to the beginning of the section, they can review the information again, but the question is stuck.  It won't let them retake that question, nor will it proceed to the next slide.  I have the first trigger taking them back to the section introduction slide and then a 2nd trigger hiding the incorrect answer layer.  I know I'm missing a condition or something that will allow the learner to retake that question after they reviewed the entire section, but I can't figure it out!  

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Tina!

It sounds like the learner is using up their three attempts before going back to the content slide, which means they will have no more attempts available when they return to the quiz slide to change their answer.

Instead, could you branch the learner back to the content slide when they hit the Try Again layer? This will ensure that they have 2 more attempts before the question is locked.