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I've searched previous answers and can't find an explanation or solution as to how to create a secure page on my website that users who have paid a fee can get to and use, but others can not.  Articulate Online will not work for me because I'm looking at more than 30,000 users, and it's just not cost effective.

I can't work around the issue that even if I put the link to the storyline project on a secure page, users who log in will activate the story url, and this could be copied and given to others who have not paid.

Ideas would be very appreciated.


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Frances Steinberg

Not to answer my own question, but I may have potentially solved this.  If my secure page opens the storyline program as a lightbox by clicking on a button on that page, the story url does not show, only the url for the secure page.

What I need to know is whether setting parameters of a lightbox for where it opens will interfere with people seeing it properly on an ipad or such?

Would appreciate any input.  Cheers,


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Frances,

There isn't an option within Storyline to create it as a secure link, and as you mentioned once the user accesses the link through a secure website, they could then copy that link. 

As you'll see in this comparison chart, lightboxed slides will still work within the iPad app and the HTML5 output.

Frances Steinberg

Hi, Ashley.  Thanks for the comparison chart, that was helpful.  As for the secure link, I actually may have solved the issue with Sitelok from Vibralogix,  The company is amazing, and I use their linklok PayPal for handling downloads, and while I can't hide the story.html link, I can make it so they need to log in if they cut and paste it.  Will let you know if it works out.  Cheers, Frances