Securing content by server

I'm working with a client that needs to protect their courses so that they are only run from licenced\named servers. The courses are published and run in both html5 and flash formats. Has anyone implemented any code or copy protection solutions that cover this scenario?

Would love to hear of suggestions.



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Emily Ruby

Hello Ciaran,

I am not sure of anyway to do this through Storyline, however other members may join in with advice.

Are you using an LMS to view your content? It might be something that an LMS may be able to handle form their end. They could only allow certain users access to the courses. But that would be something you would need to talk to the LMS about directly.

ciaran oconnell

Belated thanks for your reply Emily,

Yes we are using an LMS but we want to lock the content down so that it can only run from one server. The client will be licensed to install on multiple servers by named server and we want to be able to control what servers get named. Slightly complicated scenario but necessary.

I understand there maybe some code that can lock content to being run only from certain websites\urls. I think this is what I need to be precise. Just wondering if anyone else has done the same with Articulate courses made in Storyline.

Thanks again