See all text held in markers

Hello Storyline aficionados! Is there a way to show all marker text without clicking and scrolling through every single marker?

I am using markers to outline the competencies on a career map and they (perhaps inadvisably) have quite a lot of text included.

The result is very learner friendly, but not designer friendly. To review or edit the text, I have to click on each marker, and then use the temperamental scroll option. Reviewing and editing the text is therefor unwieldy at best and painful at worst.

Is there a way of showing all the text at once?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Roni, 

Thanks for attaching your project. Looks great! I was able to view the Career Map and the text in the markers.  You're right, the scroll bar makes the markers user friendly but can make it difficult to edit. Since you're editing a good amount of text, I would suggest moving your content into a text document like NotePad or Microsoft Word. This will make it easy to edit and eventually, paste the final content into the respective markers. 

I'm eager to hear how other members in the  community display and edit text heavy content!