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Jeff Forrer

Any way or plans to allow seek bar not to be on main timeline, but allow it on its layers?  Since Chrome shows a Play button assuming there is audio on a slide, (in my case audio is only in layers) I have many files that need user interaction to cause audio to play, so that audio is on layers, however since audio is part of that slide, Chrome assumes it is on the main timeline.

It would be great to be able to not show the seek bar on the main timeline of a slide, then show it when layers are revealed where the audio exists, this would also remove the play button that automatically shows up in Chrome thinking there is audio initially. 

Thanks for any further info/insight!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jeff, 

I haven't seen a lot of requests for a separate seekbar only a layer, so it's certainly one worth adding your voice to in feature request

With that change though, I don't know that it would prevent Chrome's autoplay functionality from kicking in. I suspect the browser would read that there was audio set to play automatically on that slide regardless of the layer. 

Jeff Forrer

Thanks.  Let me try to clarify, two things going on here ;0).

  1. It would be nice to be able to control when the seekbar is shown, so if audio is only in layers, show seekbar on those layers, but on main timeline before those layers are shown, it would be nice to have no seekbar shown since I don't have audio many times on an interaction when first displaying it, the user has to click something (thus showing a layer with audio) to invoke audio that I have on the layers.
  2. With this situation, Chrome thinks there is audio immediately on the slide, even though there is not until the user clicks.  What I have been doing to prevent Chrome thinking there is audio, is to add a blank slide ahead of the slide with audio that jumps to my slide at the end of timeline (set to 1/4 sec), thus when it loads, Chrome sees no audio on that quick slide, and the load is pretty seemless to the user.  Hopefully that works in the long run for now!

Thanks for your response.