Seek bar and Layers

Aug 18, 2013

I have slides of several layers with audio on the base layer and full screen images on the other, upper layers. I would like to be able to pause the audio while viewing the upper layers. While viewing the upper layers, I can pause the display on the upper layers but cannot pause the base layer audio. Is this possible?

I have set 'allow seeking' to yes for the individual layers. The base layer is always visible and the other (not current) layers hidden.

Hope you can help

I think making individual audio files for each layer would work - but that would be very time consuming. So I am hoping for a better solution

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Richard Maloney

For those who have this issue, I had the same question and have a more precise answer.

Patti was correct in clicking the Properties wheel to the right for each layer, but to activate the seekbar for each layer yo uneed to clic kthe drop arrow for ALLOW SEEKING and change the default AUTOMATICALLY DECIDE to YES.

I tried this in my newest presentation & it works great.

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