Seek Bar and Timing Control-Stopping the student from moving ahead

Oct 03, 2012

Hello All,

Let me start slow. I have a project that requires a TIMED course wheras the student cannot simply move forward and short cut to the final quiz. Each slide and each chapter must be controlled so the student cannot move forward until the information offered is complete.

Within Storyline can I limit the users ability to move forward?

Additionally when the student attempts to move forward does Storyline have the tools to offer a "pop up" bubble that lets the student know that they cannot move forward until the information is offered within each given time parameter?

Any and all help would be helpful...the "sales" person assurred me that this was offered but I am having difficulty establihing these tools for the class.



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Mike Enders

Kevin,  the easiest way to force a student to sit through material would be to lock down the menu navigation and remove the seek bar in the player.  Additionally, you could use triggers to only allow the next button to move forward if the timeline for that particular slide has ended.  In that trigger string, you could have a layer pop up that says "you're not done" if they click next before the timeline ends.


Kevin Stump

Mike I will try that approach first. While I wanted to have some type of timer or bar that shows the student what to expect per slide I may have to skip that it seems unless I can somehow build it...and now...

Bruce thanks for change of direction...just didn't want to waste any more time trying to go through the existing tools thinking I was missing something. It is great about the flexability.

If anyone else has ideas please flick them towards me please.

This is a cool forum.

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