Seek Bar Issue

On a roll today...

I have a slide set up with audio and a link to an animation layer that also has audio. I just tried setting the "Allow Seeking" properties to "No" so the user couldn't interact with the seekbar while the animation is playing. The seekbar no longer plays/shows on the animation layer and the user can interact with seekbar slider and audio controls to replay the base layer audio.

I thought I had set slides like this up in the past where the seekbar actually played independently on another layer but you couldn't advance it.

If its set to allow seeking, the seekbar plays on the animation layer. If set to No, it doesn't show up for that slide layer. The only option I'm seeing is to remove the seekbar which doesn't allow the user to see how long the animation will play.

Did anything change with the recent update? I didn't notice another post related to the seekbar.


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Bob O'Donnell

I do have that set, yes. So, when the user selects the play button I have on screen the Base audio pauses. The animation layer shows and its audio starts playing. However, if you turn seeking off, the animation audio progress no longer shows. And, the user can still select the base layer time line, scrub it and hit the play button. I thought I set up screens before that if you turn seeking off you cannot touch the progress (seek) bar.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Bob

I see what your saying.  If you change the allow seeking to 'auto decide' or 'yes' the seekbar plays and 'no'  it doesn't which I agree doesn't appear to be the correct behaviour - however from memory I think this was a bug in SL2 as well where the seekbar wasn't responsive on a layer.

I also tried removing the pause timeline trigger you had on the base layer in case that was somehow conflicting but that didn't work either.

Sorry I can't be more help - might pay to log a ticket with Support and see if they have found a workaround or know when it may be fixed.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Bob,

Thanks for sharing the sample file! The seekbar functionality in Storyline 360 Update 10 works the same as it did in previous updates, as well as Storyline 2 and 3. Here's a breakdown of how it works:

  • If the seekbar on the base layer is read-only, then the seekbar on a slide layer can also be read-only (visibly progressing but not draggable).
  • If the seekbar on the base layer is draggable, then the seekbar on a slide layer will be draggable unless you select Allow Seeking: No. With that setting, the seekbar is ignored and will not visibly progress. Here's our documentation on that.

I hope that helps to clarify!


Hi there. Not sure if this is the right thread but I am also experiencing the same "crazy" as  Bob. I understand that there are seekbars (which is a feature on the player) and then there's 'video  controls' (which relates to the playbar beneath a video/animation). I remember that the video controls playbar once allowed the learner to be naviagte back and forth on an animation/video.

Here is a thread that speaks about it 

Please can someone clarify as I am looking for a solution that allows that playbar on my animations to allow free navigation. As per 'Video Controls' feature stated here 


Lauren Connelly

Hi S P!

Alyssa is referring to the Slide Layer Properties. Video Properties include a specific seekbar for the media rather than the entire layer. 

If you want to include the separate playbar on the media, please follow these instructions:

Choose Below video from the drop-down to add a separate playbar to the video, so learners can play, pause, rewind, and fast forward it.

Choose None if you'd prefer to omit the separate playbar for the video.

This option isn't available for website videos.