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Katie Riggio

Hi Dale,

Great question! A good first step is to check the video slide's timeline. 

When adding media to a slide, Storyline automatically adjusts the timeline to match the media's. When deleting media, Storyline won't readjust the timeline in case there are other timing elements. 

✏️ Related Resource: Working with the Timeline 

Let me know if you see something different. I'm happy to explore further!

Jonathan Huguenin

Hello, Dale,

As Katy says, if you insert a video into a slide, the duration of the video will automatically adjust.

So if it's 60 seconds long, the seek bar will be 60 seconds.

However, you may have shortened the end of the slide in the TimeLine to a shorter duration than the video.

In this case the progress bar will stop at the selected time, but the video will continue to play.

I hope this has helped you :) English is not my first language, but I hope you understood, if not, please tell me.