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Peter Anderson

Hi James,

That's something that can't be done out of the box, mostly due to the difficulty of tracking a scene's duration across variables and triggers and various interactions. There's a really cool discussion going on about a related topic over here, including an option to approximate the duration of your course in the publish window, if that's helpful. 

James Brandwood

Hi Peter,

I understand what you are saying about the difficulties, but since tthere is already a seekbar for one slide wouldn't it just be a matter of creating an algorithm that calculates the time over the selected slides. Then the time for each slide would be placed into a ration to determine how much of the seekbar each slide would represent. 

You couldn't do this as a user and it would have be a feature inbuilt into the program, which isn't presently there but I would really love for it to be added. I imagine there is a fair amount of programming to do it but if you can make a seekbar for one slide (which can have multiple layers) with interactions and triggers then I don't see why you wouldn't be able to do it as a whole scene.

When using studio I used to wish we had a Captivate -type timeline for interactions and am so happy we have one in Storyline so fingers crossed a scene level seekbar will be in a future release which allows us more control of the player buttons.

In the meatime I am going to read the link you mentioned about approximating the time a course goes for - I currently have some people I use a guinea pigs to find out how long a course goes for but eventually they may tire of doing so much training.