Seekbar and layers issue

I haven't been able to find any other posts about this, so I hope I'm not repeating an old question here.

I'm having trouble with the seekbar when using layers on my slides. More to the point, my slides make the seekbar available to course takers by default, and I want to keep that. On some slides, I've added interactive interludes by having an object in the base layer trigger the appearance of a second layer. This layer is set to pause the base layer, so that the media and objects of the base layer remain frozen until the course taker has interacted with the second layer (clicked a button, e.g.). The problem is that, when I click on the seekbar to jump forward or backward within such slides, the second layer gets triggered somehow, and the objects of that layer come on display, disrupting the slide. How can I keep this from happening? I only want the layers to display when the user is playing through the specific point in the slide's timeline that refers to that layer. Is that not possible?

I hope this is clear...

Thanks in advance for any help or advice!

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