Seekbar and video at different speeds.

Oct 26, 2012

I have a video into my slides, when hosted in a server the page starts loading and almost immediately the seekbar starts to move forward but in the meanwhile the video still loading; when the video starts to play the seekbar is almost at the end causing the slide to move forward and the video not to showcased properly.

I get rid of the seekbar and set a trigger to move to the next slide once the media completes.

Is this the best practice to avoid slide to move forward when the media has not finished playing?

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Francisco Carreon

I'm in Canada, the typical standard speed that most people will have at home.  20MB/s downloads and 3MB/sec uploads.

I noticed that when I included the video controls to display with the video, the controls are buggy, they appear and disappear randomly.

I have two triggers on top of the video (previous-next) and when you try to click on the trigger seems like they have moved a few pixels from where they should be.

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