Seekbar and video not synced. Video starting from beginning.

Oct 10, 2018

Hi guys, 

I'm using a bunch of videos in a project. Each video is on a base slide and has a slide seekbar, allowing the user to drag the seekbar. The problem I have is that whenever I drag the seekbar, the video starts from the beginning or the video continues as if I didn't do anything. It means that seekbar and video are aligned only if nothing is clicked, but if I drag the seekbar forward or backward, videos become a mess. This happens both in preview and published versions (Articulate Review and Amazon S3).

I'm using the latest Storyline 360.


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Maja Vidovic

Hi Alyssa, 
thnx for the reply. Yes, this was the case for me too, the timeline was longer than the video. I adjusted the timeline and the video and that was the solution for most of the videos. Only two videos were left which I couldn't fix like this, so I deleted them, saved the .story file, opened the file again and added the videos again. This worked :-)

All in all, everything works fine now :-)


Chris Seurer

So I was having similar issues, but noticed my timelines were off. So I fixed that, and everything appeared to work just fine in Review 360 and Storyline 360 preview.


However, when I just launched the course to our LMS (Taleo), it reverted back to not working, and just jumping back to the beginning of the video for each section..

Katie Riggio

Hi, Chris. Sorry you're experiencing that!

Glad to hear the course works correctly during preview and in Review 360, but we want it to work just as smoothly in your LMS, too!

If you can share the .story file with us for testing, that would be gold! You can send it privately to us by using this link. We'll test it in another LMS environment, and delete it after troubleshooting.

Ahmed Al Saati


For me the same problem happened. What I discovered is that the problem is under Video Tools--> OPTIONS --> Video Options section--> Play Video

If you select "Automatically", everything will work fine. If you select When clicked OR When triggered, it will have this sync problem. One problem is left which is if you make the Play Video "Automatically" you will have another problem which is if you click the video in the slide it will pause while the seekbar continues!! I solved this also simple by adding two triggers :))

Pause timeline on this slide

When the user click Video1


Resume timeline on this slide

When the user click Video1

If you want to live with Articulate 360, then you need to work upside down sometimes!! :))

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