Seekbar/Animations with states and layers

Jan 07, 2019

Good morning. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that Storyline states and layers do not play nicely with the built-in Storyline seekbar. I have a screen where different parts of an aircraft are highlighted in sync with the audio. I have implemented this using states and also with layers, but have found with either that when the user begins scrubbing with the Storyline seekbar, all bets are off, and the states or layers just remain what they were, even if I scrub to a part of the timeline where a new object changes the state to a different image/view, or to a part of the timeline where an object that changed the state has not yet appeared. The end result is that I am now doing it the old fashioned way, bringing a different image on screen when needed at specific points in audio, and taking it off, as shown in attached. To be clear, this is specific to the seekbar. All is well as long as the seekbar is not used. Are others having this issue? What have you done for a work around. Sadly for me, since our company is so dependent on the seekbar, layers and states, which are considers one of the most powerful features of Storyline, are essentially useless for syncing imagery with audio. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

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Paul Colby

Thank you for restating what I already wrote and demonstrated with a screenshot. As shown in my screenshot, I am now using the base timeline for all of my objects. I repeat, Layers and States are not useful for courses with a seekbar for the main timeline. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, or show me something useful.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Paul,

Thanks for sharing a detailed description of what you are experiencing. Based on the image that you've shared, it looks like you may be referring to using the timeline during course development as we chatted about here as well?

As I mentioned, this is a feature that we are actively tracking. I added the previous conversation to the report and I'll attach this one as well.

Alex Kiernan

Paul, I've run into the same issue as well. Were you able to find a solution? I've searched and searched but, unfortunately, I haven't found any workarounds. I'm currently trying to create a looping blinking animation using states and cue points. As I began to test it, however, I realized it wouldn't work very well if our learners decided to use the seekbar. 

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