Seekbar blues .. yet again.


I realize that I am gnawing on a year old subject, and yes, I realize that I am living in the past when I say that my company still use SL1. Oh well.

But maybe someone has thought out a solution to this: I need to have the pause-button on my slides, but I do not want the seekbar to be clickable ... I may show, but it is not to be clickable, that is only to be on the slides where the course progress dictates that it can. My employer fears that people are going to click near the end of the seekbar to go on to the next slide, and never get the information ...

Yes, it may be a tall order for one who uses a pre-historic version. But you have griven me great help so far, so I still hope :-).

I am open for other solutions (other than update to SL2).

Best regards, Bent

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Bent Michaelsen


Thanks for the reply. I take from what you write that there will be no such update to SL1, and from the forums I clearly see that this was an issue that desperately needed attention in SL2. Well, good for you that the option is there in SL2. Not so good for me.

As for the suggestion about creating an overlay, I will have to look into that. But it seems to be an awful lot of hazzle to do for every slide ...

Regards, Bent

Bent Michaelsen

Hello Michelle, I can easily get to the slide master, but how on earth do I place a button where the slide is supposed to be? My slides are in 16:9, and all of the contents of the slides are displayed. The seekbar belongs to the player, which is like a shell around the slides.

Is there a way to access the template of the player, maybe?

Regards, b.


Michelle Monroe

We have SL1, too, and I don't think there's a way to add a button to the player.  I thought maybe if you placed a button at the lower right of the main slide master (so that it would appear on the slide and not the player) that worked to pause your media, you could just avoid placing content there on your slides so it won't overlap.  The size of the layout shouldn't matter if I understand your question correctly, except to give you more space on the slide.  We're still using 4:3!