Seekbar bug in Flash publication

I am having a problem that only occur in the flash version of a publication made in Storyline 360. When I have a slide with a video, if I click in the seekbar of the player, it won't bring me to where I placed the cursor, but some place before. Sometimes it's really far away from where I clicked, and sometimes it's close but not just right. Any fix for this?

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Katie Riggio

Welcome, Frédéric! So sorry you've come across this problem with the seekbar. 

I'm finding some odd behavior in my testing, and it seems to closely match what you're describing.

Flash Output: When clicking back on the video control seekbar, I'm unable to click back to a time that's not a multiple of 5. As you mentioned, this does not affect HTML5 output. Here's a short Peek recording for a visual!

Does that capture what you're seeing on your end? Let me know if it's something different, as I'd love to keep digging!

Frédéric Lanthier

Yes, that's the problem I have. Although I don't use the video controls associated with the video, but the seekbar in the Storyline Player.

In my case, it doesn't seem to work in a multiple of 5. Per example for a 17 seconds video, I could only click back to second 3, 8 and 13.

What I also noted, is that If I activate the video controls on the video, and then try to click on the seekbar in the SL player, I can click wherever I want (but it doesn't bring me back to the right place in the video)

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Frédéric,

Thanks for that video. I saw that you were viewing the output locally from your C drive - how does it behave once you upload it to your web server or LMS? If you're able to share a copy of it here with me, I can also test uploading it to a few places such as Amazon S3 or SCORM Cloud, for web or LMS publishing. 

You can upload it using the Add Attachment button, and either the .story file or the entire published output folder would be great! 

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Frédéric,

Thank you for sharing your project file so that we could take a look.

published/uploaded your course to Tempshare and I'm certainly seeing a difference in behavior.

It looks similar to another report we have shared with our team and I'm going to share this example with them as well.