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Jan 14, 2016

Hello all...

Currently I am working with Storyline 1 building CBT's for a manufacturing company. I work with 2 other individuals in completing projects as they are assigned. It has been mandated by our HR department that a pause button must be present for the duration of every module. Due to department budget, my coworkers have the Storyline 2 License but I am still working with the latter version. Storyline 2 has the ability to create a 'read only' seek bar with a functional pause/play button. The seek function must be disabled to ensure retention of information and avoid skipping forward. For now I am building my projects in Storyline 1 and then transferring them to Storyline 2 for publishing with this attribute. However I am finding as I transfer projects from one version to the other triggers become ineffective or have completely been erased. This makes for a lot of extra work after the fact.

My question is: Is there any way to provide a 'read only' seek bar for a final product on Storyline 1, so I can eliminate transferring?

I understand I can create my own play/pause button within the CBT, which will be my last resort if the above mentioned is not a possibility.

Thank you in advance 


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