Seekbar for 2+ Takes vs. No Seekbar for First-Timer

Sep 19, 2014

My client wants learners to go through the training the first time with no seekbar and no way to skip content moving forward.  Once they have taken the course once, they want the seekbar to be displayed and allow them to skip forward using the seekbar or next button.  All navigation is "in-slide".  Is there an easy way to set this up, or does anyone have an example or story file they could share?  Much thanks in advance.

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Harri S

Hi John,

One way of doing this would be to create the entire course in duplicate and keep it separate from the main course via splitting out the scenes. Then add a seekbar onto the duplicated slides. When the learner completes the module they would click a button to 'return to the start/menu' and this would take them to the duplicate slides that will look the same as the others just with a seekbar. You'd also need to remove any navigation restrictions you may have in place for the main course.

One thing to consider though is that this approach will increase the size of the output. Also, if users choose not to 'resume from where they left off' they will have to go through the no seekbar version again.

Hope this helps

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