Seekbar in Storyline 3 in Mobile is visible only in partrait mode.

Hello there,

I have a problem with seekbar in SL3. It is not visible in landscape mode on mobile devices. When I change to portrait seekbar appears. It works properly on desktops. Is there a solution? I am attaching two screenshots of the same course.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Marcin,

When your tablet or smartphone is in landscape mode, the responsive player moves to the right side of the screen. As the slide plays, you’ll see a circular indicator travelling around the play/pause button. You can’t scrub back and forth along the seekbar in landscape mode, but the circular indicator lets you see how much time has elapsed and how much remains.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Marcin Czyżuk

Htanks Alyssa. Sure, I have figured it out, that's right but... in
landscape mode you cannot move back and forth watching the video and
that's the functionality that  I expected not to dissapear when you use
mobile device. Circular indocator looks nice but that all about it.  I many people use courses designed in horizontal layout
holding the device in portrait position or how many designers produce or
design courses that are expected to be used in portrait mode. I have
been using SL2, SL3 and must I dare to say that mobile player in SL3  is
not perfect. I hope that soon the seekbar will have full functionality
in landscape mode.



Kristen Llobrera

I agree with Marcin. I think it's really strange that there's no way to scrub when in landscape mode, especially since videos are almost always going to work best in landscape mode. It seems like a major oversight that it doesn't work this way. Adding instructions to turn to portrait mode to scrub is going to make for some pretty clumsy UI. 

Yonca Ural


I completely agree with Marcin that the way the seekbar is designed not to show up in landscape mode doesn't really make for a good user experience. I agree that most mobile elearning developers are probably going to design in landscape mode.  Also, if you're using video, you're much more likely to shoot in a landscape rather than portrait orientation.