Seekbar Issue

I have a slide with multiple layers in Storyline 2.  In one layer, there is audio and I want to have the learner jump to a new slide with a quiz then back to the original layer and have the audio pick up.   That all seems to be working fine except the seekbar shows as done or complete (white all the way to the end) even though there's about a minute of audio left.  The audio resumes and is playing fine.  When I try to move the seekbar back, the base layer features start showing up and everything gets jumbled.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!

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Wendy Farmer
Lisa Hezel

learner jump to a new slide

Hi Lisa

are you jumping to a new slide or a layer on same slide? If layer you could use the 'pause timeline of baselayer' on the layer you show.

If a new slide you might be able to use the pause timeline / resume time trigger actions with a variable.

Lisa Hezel

Hi Wendy-

I want to jump to a matching drop down activity, so a new slide, then back to the slide layer to resume.  Are there any articles that could point me in the right direction for using a variable for this?  I have the slide layer set to "Resume to Saved State" and a button that goes to the quiz and a trigger on that same button to pause the timeline.  It's all working except for the actual seekbar.  Thanks!