Seekbar issue in Storyline 360: seekbar buttons and scrolling control only video playback but do not sync objects on it

Good evening,

I need your help as I can't figure out what is wrong with my slides. It seems to me that everything should be fine, but it isn't...

An example: I've one slide with one video that starts automatically when the slide opens; on that slide I have different objects onto two different layers.

The seekbar of the slide seems to control only the video playback. On the contrary, objects keeps showing themselves even if i hit the pause button; and they won't revert to precedent state/position if i scroll with the seekbar to the starting point. 

So it seems that the seekbar controls only the video but not the whole timeline as it should.

What am I doing wrong?

I suppose that has something to do with the timelines...


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Francesco Mastroeni

Further investigations: the issue seems linked to the presence of different layers.

Video on base layer with some animated shapes on layer 1: seekbar controls only the video playback; the shapes work and appear independently from the seekbar.

If i check "allow seeking" in "slide layer properties" the seekbar unlinks from the video on base layer and instead controls only the shapes.

So... is not possible to have the seekbar controlling the slide alltogether, video and objects on different layers?

Thank you.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Francesco!

We are happy to help! Thank you for providing these details as well. What you're running into with seekbar isn't something I've seen before. It would be helpful to see your project file to determine what the fix. Would you mind uploading the course privately in a support case?

After taking a look, we'll reply with our findings. 

Lauren Connelly

Hi Francesco!

I appreciate you checking in on the progress of this bug!

  • Pausing the Timeline using the Player's Play/Pause control only pauses the Slide's Base Layer

We are currently prioritizing other fixes and features for upcoming Storyline 360 releases. When this makes it on our roadmap, we'll be sure to update you in this discussion.