Seekbar NOT seeking audio?

Apr 15, 2013

Hello Guys,

I've imported an audio clip (.mp3) in storyline then enabled the player controls such as the seekbar. 

I previewed the slide, audio and seekbar works well. Audio moves to where I click in the seekbar.

Now I've added a trigger for the audio (i.e. - Play media when this variable is equal to true) and previewed the slide.

The audio plays well but when I tried to click on some areas in the seekbar to listen to certain parts of the audio, the audio does not play based on where I click, instead it just continues. I even tried dragging the seekbar to the end but so far no change in the audio?

I tried to remove the trigger and previewed the slide again and it works.

Is this a bug? Adding a trigger to the audio will not allow the seekbar to seek the audio?

Have you guys encountered this problem before?


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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Lionel!

If you insert audio onto a slide in Storyline, it will pull that audio in to play with the timeline, by default. However, if you add a trigger to play that audio, the seekbar will no longer have control over that audio file. 

Can you give a little more information about how you have this set up and what you need to finish before playing the audio? Or better yet, are you able to share the project's .STORY file here so we can see what you have so far?



Lionel Lehmann

Hello Christine,

My apologies but I cannot provide the original .story file.

I am making a demo where when the user navigates to a specific slide the audio will play once. When the user navigates back to that specific slide the audio should not play anymore.

I've found a workaround for this by using layers (so far the seekbar works with this workaround) but there are some slides with quite a lot of interaction where viewing specific layers would hide other layers. So this method would not work for me in a slide with a lot of interaction.

I will attach a sample file



Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Lionel,

I've uploaded your story and set it up so that the audio will only play the first time the Learner navigates to the slide. I did it by creating a variable. Not sure if you've done these yet. I have placed instructions in the Notes on Slide 2 (I added a slide 2) and am copying/pasting them here. They may not make sense if you haven't done this before. If so, just shout out, OK?

I created a T/F variable called AudioOnce and set the default to False
On Slide 1.1 I added a trigger to change AudioOnce to True when the timeline ends.
On Slide 1.1 I modified your Play Media Sound Trigger to play the media when the timeline starts IF AudioOnce is equal to False.

Now, if Learners revisit the slide the audio will not play.

If you plan to do this on several slides, it's best to create a variable for each instance of the audio.

Christine Hendrickson

Good morning!

Sorry for the delay, Lionel. I do see that Miker is reviewing the original files, but hopefully Rebecca's method will work for you (She rocks, doesn't she? :)). 

Can you give that a try and see how it goes?

Thanks so much for the example, Becky! Always love seeing the files you put together. 

Hope you both have a wonderful day,


Peter Anderson

Hi Lionel, 

Just wanted to update you, per our QA team: 

"[This is a]s designed. When you use a trigger to start the audio we have no idea when you will start the audio so it will be divorced from the player scrollbar. This will not be fixed."

You're still welcome to submit a feature request if you have an idea of how you'd like this to be handled in the future.

Thanks, Lionel!

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