Seekbar not tracking video


I am creating a project in Storyline 3 that uses background videos for several slides with elements added on top of them. In the project, I have one slide that does not allow proper tracking by the seekbar. When I copied the slide and pasted it into a new project all by itself, it worked. The seekbar did scrub through the video correctly. However, that seems to be a sporadic event. I just previewed the single slide again and it did not scrub properly. 

Any thoughts as to what is going on?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Narda, thanks for sharing your file here! Super cute video, by the way. :)

I noticed a few things that needed to be tweaked, and I think I've got it working now!

  • On the timeline, the video file was set to "Show until end", even though the video itself is only 98 seconds long. I decreased the duration of the overall timeline to 98 seconds.
  • You had a trigger to pause the timeline at .3 seconds, but you did not have a trigger to resume the timeline when the user clicks the video. I added that to the trigger pane.

Take a look at the changes I made to your file, and let me know if that'll work for you!

Narda Butler

Thanks, Alyssa, for taking a look at this. I think that not having a trigger to resume timeline is key. Even though the video would play without it, the connection between the timeline and seekbar gets wonky? That’s my technical analysis.

Also, my co-worker Nicole Duclos, a Storyline superstar, suggested I bring the videos into Replay and publish them, then reinsert those videos into SL. This reduces the size by 90%! (I created them in Premiere Pro, and thought I had smallish file sizes. Gulp.) This improved slide performance also.

I’m getting there on this project. Thanks for your help!