Seekbar, pause, and replay buttons not working

Jul 30, 2014

Since we've updated to Version 6 and gone back and republished much of our content we've noticed that the seekbar, pause, and replay buttons don't work the way they did in update 5. They seem broken

Pause Button - The pause button pauses audio and video the way it should but the unpause (play) button doesn't start the audio or video again where it left off. It continues the timeline but without the media. For video you have to click on the video to continue the video. For audio, I can't make it continue where it left off.

Replay Button - This button doesn't replay the media. If you click it while audio/video is playing It starts the seekbar over but video keeps going. If you click it while audio is playing it starts the seekbar over and the audio doesn't play at all.

Seekbar - Skipping ahead on or backing up the seekbar while audio is playing stops the audio. Animated things on-screen seem to pick up the right timing but without the audio. No audio plays. For video it seems to work while the video is playing but if the video ends then backing up the seekbar doesn't back up the video.

We're using Storyline to develop math lessons for kids and kids use the pause, seekbar, and replay buttons a lot to review steps of solving problems and as they work along with the audio/media explaining math concepts and skills. These are important features for us to work correctly.

Is anyone else having these issues?

By the way, we're using Storyline's HTML5 output. Flash is not an option for us.

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Kevin Thorn

Interesting discovery and one I've not experienced yet. I just updated the other day and turns out I just started working on a project that has a lot of video so I'll definitely keep my eye out for these issues.

One question comes to mind, though. You mentioned this behavior when republishing existing projects. Have you noticed the same behavior with a new project developed in Update 6? Not that I have any idea what the difference would be, rather thinking of a way to isolate the problem.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lucia,

I see that this was something reported to our Quality Assurance team in regards to the HTML5 content that was published in Update 6. At this time, I don't have any additional information to share but I'll add this thread to the existing QA report that has been filed so that I can share any updates here with you all.

Rachel Frost

The replay button appears, it just doesn't work on some slides (clicking on
it does nothing). I can manually get around it by changing the "when
revisiting" setting to always 'start over,' instead of "automatically
decide," but this seems like it must be a bug. This is viewing output on
Chrome and IE by the way, not Safari or similar.

Vidya Kiran


I am facing this issue in Storyline 2. 

Seekbar: On skipping in either direction the animation on the screen gets updated as per the timing but there's no effect on the audio. It continues to play from where it was before seeking.

In case of video files in the slide, skipping to either direction plays the audio and the video from the start. However, any extra object on the slide apart from video seems to get updated as per the current timings. Also, note this happens in most of the slides but few of the slides seem to function properly.

Maggie Hu

Hi Vidya,

I had this issue before, then it turned out that this is a dilemma in Storyline 2: when you set the property of the slide/layer fore revisiting as "resume saved state", the seek bar, pause and replay won't work - you will have to set the when revisiting property as "reset to initial state" in order for them to work.

This feature sometimes can limit what you want to achieve: for example, if you have audio on your quiz slide, and you want to replay the audio when you review the quiz, then you will have to set the property to "reset initial state". However, this setting will then offset several features of Quiz Review function, such as reviewing learner's answer, reviewing the correct/incorrect message, etc.   

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