Seekbar, pause, and replay buttons not working

Jul 30, 2014

Since we've updated to Version 6 and gone back and republished much of our content we've noticed that the seekbar, pause, and replay buttons don't work the way they did in update 5. They seem broken

Pause Button - The pause button pauses audio and video the way it should but the unpause (play) button doesn't start the audio or video again where it left off. It continues the timeline but without the media. For video you have to click on the video to continue the video. For audio, I can't make it continue where it left off.

Replay Button - This button doesn't replay the media. If you click it while audio/video is playing It starts the seekbar over but video keeps going. If you click it while audio is playing it starts the seekbar over and the audio doesn't play at all.

Seekbar - Skipping ahead on or backing up the seekbar while audio is playing stops the audio. Animated things on-screen seem to pick up the right timing but without the audio. No audio plays. For video it seems to work while the video is playing but if the video ends then backing up the seekbar doesn't back up the video.

We're using Storyline to develop math lessons for kids and kids use the pause, seekbar, and replay buttons a lot to review steps of solving problems and as they work along with the audio/media explaining math concepts and skills. These are important features for us to work correctly.

Is anyone else having these issues?

By the way, we're using Storyline's HTML5 output. Flash is not an option for us.

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Crystal Horn

So what I see in your file is that once you return from any of the layers, the timeline on the base layer has already run out.  If you click the little "restart" icon on the seekbar, the timeline will restart and you'll see the progress in the seekbar again.


Alternatively, if you want that base layer timeline to just restart automatically when you return to it, you can change the triggers on the layers from "hide this layer" to "jump to slide" and just go back to that actual slide.  If you set the slide properties to always reset to initial state, the timeline will restart after each layer is visited.

trigger            properties

Is that what you had in mind?  Your adjusted file is attached!

Thomas Robinson

Ashley - My team is experiencing the same issue with the seekbar and replay not working.  We have 2 scenes and six slides within each scene.  For all of scene 1 EXCEPT the last slide, the replay and seekbar works fine.  Scene 2 has two slides that don't work.  I looked at the Player, player/slide settings all are set the exact same way.  I checked Content - does one have more than another.  Only one slide is very complex with multiple Lightbox Videos, but the others are just plain Text boxes...  Nothing stands out as to why this is happening. 

We're using V3.14.15225.0   We know that a new update was released today or yesterday but haven't had the chance to update as our Net Admin is out and it requires Admin credentials to run the update.

We can see this has been an issue that happened 3 years ago... What was done to fix this.  We're supposed to go Live production with this material and I can't send it out not working.

Thomas Robinson


Thank you for the quick reply. Sorry I didn't answer sooner but I was teaching a class and was unable to break away until now.

The Story File is 2GB in size with multiple Videos contained. I'm unable to send through an Email, but I might be able to share the file another way.

Best Regards,

Thomas D. Robinson
Trainer, Ascension Information Services


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Thomas,

I assume that you sent a private message to Trevor.

It looks like your email signature came through when you replied via email. You can remove that if needed by clicking ‘Edit’ beneath your response. Here’s a quick Peek video if you need help.

If you need our team to take a look, you are welcome to share privately here.

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