Seekbar restarts narration but also shows overlapping slide layers

The issue I am having is that I have created a project that has fillable text entries in multiple layers of a slide, for example:

- Slide 1 has 5 layers with audio only on the base layer

- Each layer has a fillable text entry which must be completed before going to next layer

- At layer 5, users then move onto the next slide

Here is where the issue arrives. When the user navigates back to Slide 1, they see Layer 5 which shows all of the information that has been completed throughout each of the layers. then they grab the seekbar and manually drag it backwards to beginning of seekbar timeline to relisten to the audio and then all of the base layer items overlap the visible layer 5 although I have it set to be hidden.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Ryan, welcome to the community!

Do you have this slide set to reset to saved state? This could be why they are seeing the top slide when they revisit. Would it be possible to set the seekbar to read only?

You may want to share you .story file here so others can take a look at the set up and offer some ideas.