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Mar 29, 2013


please, how can I control some audio/video with seekbar? I know, I can use Stop/pause/ play buttoms, but I need to rewind it back or forward...i think I cant be done  it with buttons, but with seekbar it can be done, cant it???


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Jane Bale

Hellou Christine, 

thanks for your comunication here...

the main problem is,  when I tried the seekbar from the Player, it didnt go with audio, but with when I forward or backword audio by clicking on seekbar, audio always begin at start..but seekbar I want this: seekbar=audio/video...I hope you understand me

and the second, Yes, you are right - I want to have my own seekbar, f it is possible ( as is in the uploaded picture- but it is only picture, it doesnt work) not the original seekbar from Player,  becouse I dont want to have a ,,grey square" under the each slide of all project....but I dont know if it is spossible to do this own seekbar in this program (somewhere on slide, not under the slide)..

but the more important is the first problem :)


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jane,

There isn't a built in option for this, unfortunately. If you wanted a custom-made seekbar that's something that would have to be a custom object and I imagine the work for that would be pretty complicated. This is something that I'd love to see, but I'm afraid I don't have any examples of this. 

It looks like you've already got "Play", "Pause" and "Stop" buttons in your course. It would probably be best to stick with those buttons for controlling the audio file. 

The course looks very good. I think learners will be able to Play/Pause the audio without issue, if you have the triggers set up for the buttons that are already on the slide.

If you do happen to find a custom-built seekbar for media like this, please share


Jane Bale


IIwaited it would not be possible

But at least , can you help me with this Seekbarom in the program? buttoms Stop, Play and Pause are not enough. I need for example: the users wants to move to 1:05, so they switches ...then they want go back to start, so they using seekbar..but, seekbar and Audio/Video dont go together...can you give me some examples of setting and using the Seekbar? Or, I upload the File, if it help.

thanks a lot

Doug Brown

Hi Jane

I can think of a few possible solutions, each would have Pros & Cons!

1 Activate Player Seekbar (attached story file)

  • Do NOT use Media trigger buttons at same time as they will cause issues
  • This cannot be repositioned and will affect all items on the timeline

2 Insert audio only video & activate 'Show Video Controls'

Video window can be resized vertically or covered to not show

This could be done via screen recording of audio playing

  • Will need to convert audio to video.

3 Load Flash file with embedded flash player with audio

Audios could be external to flash file if required via playlist

  • Will require Flash object to be made


Jane Bale


thanks for your suggestions. I have solved this problem with seekbar, but I have a new problem and I need your help. 

I enter a pisture of it. 

I want have a seekbar for only slected slides, I set that in Slide seetings, fot only slected slide. I havent got seekbar on other slide, but there is a grey square instead of that. And I dont want it there, becouse the size of full sreen is than smaller. I hope you understand me and you know help me. 

thanks a lot

Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Jane,

I'm afraid I don't have any suggestions for fixing that. When you enable the seekbar for one slide, the player adjusts to that size, to accommodate the space needed for the seekbar. This is by design. 

So, if you need to use the seekbar on one slide, you're gong to see that extra space on others. 

I know that may not be what you want to hear, sorry I don't have better news for you. If you'd like to see more options for this, please do share a feature request with our development team.

Thanks Jane!

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