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Jeff Schlaybach

Jay may have written "Thanks Phil!" but removing this feature is NOT an answer Leslie. If one needs to submit a ticket to have this restored I'd be happy to do that.

Besides forcing us to rebuild our player templates, (which I am just starting to look at - all of the previous '09 color schemes should have been provided as built-in options), 2013 Presenter yanks this VERY useful feature which provided immediate student feedback as to their progress within a course.

In our case, we keep the NOTES tab on top and so having to expect a a student to switch to "Menu" (formerly Outline which made much more sense) is a major distraction when learning. There does not appear to be anyway to get this information back from what I can see.

In general I find the new player's redesign very wasteful of space when compared to the '09 version. I'm sure you did some user testing but what you have here is not an improvement over the '09 player IMHO.

Hopefully the next rev will add additional customization options to this player (like reducing the top bar height - thickness).