Seekbar takes me to wrong location

Sep 13, 2013

Hello there! I hope someone in the community can help with my seekbar issue. I have a slide with several, somewhat-complex layers. [This was my workaround to SL's lack of support for background music across several slides. I also wanted one seekbar to cover the duration of the 1-minute piece, rather than start at the beginning on every slide.] The piece plays back perfectly but for one issue. When I use the seekbar to 'seek' a location within the slide. It finds the location on the background audio but not onscreen. I hope this is making sense. Thanks!

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Helen Tyson

Hi Tin,

The seekbar can add together the timelines of multiple layers so the overall time is shown within it and as such you can seek within the audio. However there is no way of building a trigger into it, so you can't set the seekbar to open a specific layer, so you don't get the on screen elements from the layers by clicking into it.


Tin Telesforo

Thanks for your replies, ladies. Ashley, I think there's no need to send the piece over now. I'll just have to approach this another way.

Helen, you are right. After thinking about it, I figured the end-of-timeline triggers on the layers are not activated when I move the seekbar manually. The audio, however, is linear, so I got no problem moving back and forth on the seekbar. I'll probably just hide the seekbar so the users won't get confused with it.

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