Seeking an Instructional Design / Articulate Storyline Consultant


We're seeking a consultant to help get us started on the right track with conversion of our instructor-led training content to a CBT/LMS system.  If anyone has recommendations for solid consultants they've worked with in the past in this area, I'd greatly appreciate the reference.  Similarly, if anyone reading this has an appropriate skill set and would be interested in helping us, I'd love to hear from you.

We've selected Articulate Storyline as our content authoring tool, and are exploring several SCORM and/or Tin Can-compliant LMS systems for content hosting, student registration and reporting.  Moodle, Digital Chalk and Docebo are our leading candidates, though we're certainly open to exploring others.

The content that we'll be authoring pertains to custom software.  There will be a significant amount of content needed (>50 SCORM packages) and its authoring will require proprietary subject matter expertise.  Because of this, and how approachable Articulate Storyline is for people who are not eLearning professionals, it is our intention to author most of the content internally.  That said, we lack internal resources who are knowledgeable in instructional design, educational theory and eLearning best practices.  We're hoping to find someone that combines this knowledge with technical expertise in Articulate Storyline and SCORM-compliant Learning Management Systems.  

We'd like for this consultant to steer us in the right direction and work with us to author the first two or three of our SCORM packages, ensuring that the work will be scalable to the remaining content, meets our educational objectives and meets our LMS and reporting objectives.

Thank you very much for any assistance in this matter.


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