Seeking Design Ideas for Conversation Scenarios


I'm looking for design ideas for conversation scenarios to train volunteers on good communication through conversation, listening, and responding in a way that creates trusting relationships. 

I've watched the Interactive Scenarios webinar and the Creating Scenario Templates webinar, and have looked at many of the interactive scenario ideas in the E-Heroes Challenge on the same topic. I've also built out a few boards with some ideas to give you a sense of our content (see below).

I'm very new to the e-learning and course design world (coming from a background in classroom and experiential learning, and moving to climate change advocacy and training).  Currently in the middle of my 1st trial month on Articulate, eagerly awaiting purchase from my organization. I've built out 3 Storyline interactions so far, and 4 rise courses (see below for a few examples). 

Our organization trains volunteers on how to be effective citizen advocates with their members of Congress. Clearly, this requires a lot of practice in communication and conversation.

Thanks in advance for any ideas you have!



Storyline Board Good/Bad/Better Conversation with a Dial in Review 360

Lobbying 301: Rise Course with various scenarios in Review 360

Lobbying 101: Rise Course with basics on our organization


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