Seeking feedback on my new website

Hi Everyone

I hope all of you are well? :)

I have been visiting this 'Articulate Home for Heroes' for years now, ever since I started working with Articulate Studio and now on to Articulate Storyline. I love it here, I have found so much help and advice but i've never really participated... until now.  I'm just starting out in the Freelance world, the first year has been superb! I've now made a new website and was hoping that some of you may be able to spare a little bit of time having a look and letting me know your thoughts. Is there something i've missed that people really should know? Or something that I could do better?

I'd like it to come across as fun but also professional. Any advice or feedback more that appreciated.

Many thanks 


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Marissa Carterud

Hi Jude,

Your website looks great! Very clean and simple. The only thing I noticed is for the Cardboard Box Interaction, the link doesn't work.

Since we're sharing, here is my company website.

I'd love to get your feedback on mine as well! This is a great community of folks here and I love to collaborate, and I've recently started freelance work (less than a year ago), so the advice I get here has been wonderful.

Good luck! Marissa

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Marissa and Jude for sharing here - and you may also want to look at sharing in the Building Better Courses side of the forums, as that is where a lot of users share their work, or reach out for design/how to related advice. 

You may also want to look at participating in the E-Learning Challenges to help build your portfolio and show off your skills. And you can link your projects to your ELH profile page to showcase your portfolio as well. 

Jude Reynolds

Hi Marissa,

Thanks so much for having a look! Really appreciate it. Glad you like it!   I've had a look and the interaction should be working now.... if you get another chance to look and find it still not working, please say. I'll have to think again :) 

Thanks for sharing your site as well. It looks really good! :)  I love the look and feel of it. Very user friendly, especially like the intro video showcasing what you do. This may be just me but I thought the banner images that flick across were a little fast, only by a second. Only one other thing..... if you could add the company's name to your testimonials that may give them more weight. 

Looks good and definitely given me food for thought for mine.

All the best!


Jude Reynolds

Many thanks Ashley, 

I've started a new discussion in Building better courses..... thank you! (Marissa, you should start a new one on there too)

Good idea on the challenges. I entered my first one this morning :)  

And will definitely add my 'soon to be' growing portfolio to my ELH profile... excellent resource... I love this place!!

All the best