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Good afternoon ALL!

I am seeking some suggestions for a game I am creating. I am giving teen a credit card to help them manage their money, they will start with $1,000. The game will pose questions for example: "How much does the average teenager spend on soda each year?" They will type in their answer and click submit. The results are my issue... I would like to show the user's guess, the actual cost and the amount they were off (this amount will be subtracted from their $1,000 credit card).

So for example:

Starting Credit Card Limit: 1,000

Your Guess: $200

Actual Cost: $400

Difference: -200

New Credit Card Limit: $800

All help and suggestions are GREATLY appreciated. I really want to make this concept come to life!


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You already have everything you need in your example. Just set those all up as variables.
Cost of A

Guess for A


When the input control for the guess loses focus, subtract the guess from the cost (if the cost is greater) or the cost from the guess if the guest is larger and display this as the difference. Than adjust the limit by the difference. See the attached StoryLineV1 example.



I can't thank you enough for your help my error was in trying to figure out how to display the difference your file was extremely helpful. Your assistance is a testament to why I love E-Learning Heroes a community that truly helps one another. I will post my file once I'm finished with the prototype slide!

Thanks again!