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Jun 25, 2012


I have a number of Storyline projects in the Pipeline, and may need additional assistance if they all come through.

**Please note - all I am trying to do at the moment is to build up a network of contacts who might be able to help me, there's nothing specific at the moment, but I like to try and operate ahead of the game.

I'm already running 2 x projects like this, so this is not just a "fishing" expedition, it is (hopefully...) a genuine and real request based on an explosive growth in work.

I may require anything from simple "preparation" of slides and content to full Storyline builds. These would all attract different fees.

The service I offer to my clients requires that you remain "invisible" to them, I am growing the Perfect Performance "brand", and as such would like to have some trusted suppliers who deliver to the quality and levels of professionalism that my clients expect.

I have very specific ways that I work with clients; excellence is delivered daily, overdelivery is mandatory, and flexibility is standard.

At the moment, I am going to limit myself to UK subcontractors, simply because that is easiest for me.

I would be more than happy to consider working with people who have a fulltime ID job, however, it is essential that you own a full SL licence, and can deliver to me when you say you will.

If so, please PM me (not via the main forum).

I need to know your experience, your expected rates (per hour, as that is how I work with most of my clients), and what you can bring to the Perfect Performance table. Sell to me......Do you also have translation skills? Are you an insomniac who can have a course ready for me by 0900hrs the next day? Are we compatible because of our shared love of kittens?

Please bear with me, and no "chasing" - if something comes up and I feel I need help, I will come back to you.

Here's hoping I can find the best out there, and we can work together in the future.

Are you upto it?


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