Select from 2 large lists - display selected items on another screen

Jun 04, 2015

I have 3 screens in an activity called "What's in your Bag?":

Screen 1 - contains a dozen icons.  Each one selectable.  They are to select 2 icons.

Screen 2 - contains a dozen sticky notes with text.  Each one selectable.  They are to select 2 notes.

Screen 3 - I need to display their 2 choices from previous screens as a "here is what you selected to take in your bag" with 4 total items.

How can I control the way they are displayed.?

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Gary Collins

I would set variables (true/false) for each item. Have the variable initially set to False. When they click the item then change the variable to True.

On the screen where you would like to show the items they selected you set all the items initial state to hidden.

Then create slide triggers to show the items (State Normal) with the condition that the variable associated to that item is true.If the variable is false then it will stay hidden.

Make sense? can create a sample if you need it.

Gary Collins

Ok, took awhile but here is what I came up with. Wasn't as easy as I first made it out to be, lol.

This rely's heavily on variables and triggers. Have a look and let me know if this will work for you.

I will put up another post to explain what I did for other users and ask for feedback to see if there is a better way of doing it without the use of so many triggers.

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