Select objects in the correct order

Hello everyone

I'm trying to learn how to select objects in the right order. for example show layer XXX when objects 1,2,3 have been selected in the correct order. The order may be 2,3,1 and then show layer. I'm happy how to display the layer once all the objects have been selected, but its about selecting them in the correct order.

Looking at creating something like a safe they have to open to get to the next level, hope this makes sense.


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Daniel Servan

Hi Martin,

How about adding 3 variables for storing the sequence of the clicks and a counter of clicks.

vClick1, vClick2, vClick3, vClickCtr

On a button click,
Adjust vClickCtr on every click or add 1.

If vClickCtr = 1,
vClick1 = Value of button 1

If vClickCtr = 2,
vClick2 = Value of button 2

If vClickCtr = 3,
vClick3 = Value of button 3

Check all 3 variables for your desired sequence.
if True,