Select specific slides to track when publishing to Tin Can

Sep 05, 2016

Can I choose specific slides to track when publishing to Tin Can API. It only allows me to select the number of slides so I'm thinking this is not an option. The course doesn't have a quiz. The client has selected which slides are 'meaningful content' that should be used to determine the number of slides to trigger completion. Is there any way this can be done? Or can someone confirm this is definitely not an option.

Thanks, Kyle

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Susi B

Hi Kyle,
as Nancy said you can´t track specific slides. But you could maybe create "hidden" quiz slides with a hidden result slide. For example if you transform the slides with your must have seen content into freeform quiz slides (e.g. choose one) and create your own forward button, you could trigger this as right answer. Tricky with this, the trainees shouldn´t be able to klick into a menu to jump to the next slide. A problem we had with our qualification quiz slides at the end of a course: When the trainee doesn´t work trough the course at one time he is asked the second time he opens it, if he want to continue BUT the third time he opens it, it starts from the beginning and every done quiz starts at 0, because it is counted as one try he failed and it starts over. (A bit confusing, but I can´t explain it better right now.)

Other alternative if your client want to get sure the trainee really looks at every slide, you could block the menu, like this: Restricting Navigation. I did this once too, the "restricted mode" worked fine for my client. The trainee can´t jump ahead, but can always view the slides he has already seen. The timeline lenght blocks the next/back button. So when the timeline is 5 minutes, they have to see the slide 5 minutes before they can go to the next slide. The course is passed, when they really looked at all slides in a specific time.

For both variations: It only works, if the trainee NEVER set his progress back or everything is lost and he has to do it again. I don´t know how your course is designed and what would work best.
I hope this helped. :) You can contact me any time if you have questions and sorry if I wrote something wrong, english is not my mother tongue. ;)


Kyle-Lee Young

Thanks for your replies ladies.

A few options here I can try, thanks Susi.

FYI - I contacted support  to see what they advised, and was provided this approach (similar to the first option you suggested Susi).

I'll let you know how I go.


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