Selectable text and If/Then statements.


I am creating a CRM simulator that requires copying info from one "software" and pasting it into another "software" (each software is a slide with triggers that if the text isn't correct, it does nothing). I haven't been able to figure out how to make text selectable so that the user can go through this function.

Also, in using the triggers for variable, there is an "If" but there is no "Then." If the user enters info incorrectly, I would like it to load a slide with an error message. I it have set so that if they enter it correctly, it advances, but I haven't been able to figure out how to do the "then" bit.

I researched this in other discussion groups and forums and the only things I could find were four years old. Any ideas?

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Rick Jacobs

I have figured out the "if/then" statement using two triggers under the "Button Trigger." The first trigger looks for the right answer, if it doesn't find it, then the second trigger either jumps to a new slide or loads a new layer.

First trigger uses "== Equal to (not case sensitive)" and the value I want matched.

Second trigger uses " ! == Not Equal to (not case sensitive)" and the same value, in order to exclude anything other than the exact answer I want. If this trigger is activated, it loads the target.