Selected button state challenges

Apr 05, 2018

Hello - I am displaying multiple-choice questions on a slide layer. I want users to be able to select as many answers as they think are correct. I have a Hovered state that is working fine, but the Selected state won't stay on when they click an option. The button reverts back to the Normal state when the mouse moves off of the button.

I want them to be able to click any option to display the Selected button state. Each selected button should maintain its Selected state unless the button is clicked again to deselect it. Users must be able to select multiple buttons (in other words, several buttons need to be able to display Selected state at the same time).

The story file is 375MB and confidential so I cannot share it to the open forum. May I send it privately? I'm working on the Question 1 layer.

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Walt Hamilton

You click, and it is set to selected. You leave, and hover resets it to the state it was before you hovered and clicked?  Actually, it should stay in the hover state until you leave, then show the selected state.

This sounds like the sort of thing that might happen if you have created triggers for the button. The built-in states have built-in triggers that handle this sort of thing really well, unless you write your own and confuse them.

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