Selected Results Slide - MArking Complete

We have a branched Storyline module where each of the four branches ends in a quiz. A Learner only has to complete one of the branches and the associated quiz to be marked complete.

Each quiz is set to 100% pass.

Each quiz has the same number of questions.

We have inserted a "Selected Results Slide" which combines the four Results Slides and is set to a 25% pass rate.

However, when we complete the module and pass one of the quizzes, the LMS records a 25% pass rate but does not mark the course complete.

Should this work?

Is there another way of doing it?

Thanks in advance!


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Dennis Hall

Hi Mirren:

If you are publishing to SCORM, you should change the Passed/Incomplete setting in your SCORM configuration and your Completion by Slides viewed should be selected.

This is a setup I know works on some LMS systems, however, you will need to test this on your LMS as each system will not treat your SCORM settings equally.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Mirren Palmer

Thanks Dennis but I don't understand how we will still get a Quiz Result by using Slides Viewed. We need to know that the user passed the quiz and the number of slides they will view is different depending on their role and the branch they take.

I have tested in Articulate Online and the Report clearly shows that the Pass Rate is 25% and that I am scoring 25% but is still showing as Incomplete.