Selected state will not remain selected when mouse moves away

Hello Articulate world.

I'm trying to create a tabbed slide from scratch and wanting the 3 tabs to: 

1.) Glow on hover - 2.) Go grey when visited - 3.) And here's where I'm having troubles... display a shadow when selected and REMAIN that way until another tab is selected. 

The particulars about the change are not important but I was under the impression that a selected state would remain so unless something else was selected.  Whereas, this one is changing to visited when the mouse leaves the tab (without clicking anything else).

Am I wrong in assuming the selected state should remain? Or is something else interfering? It might be worth mentioning. I originally set up my states using triggers but then went back and used system defaults. 

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Walt Hamilton

Did you attach the right version? You say you used system defaults, but did you delete your own triggers? The attached version shows these triggers for the Content, Review, and Quiz tabs.  Using your own triggers with built-in states will frequently result in conflicts, and generally not pretty results. Try deleting these triggers for those three tabs (except for the Show Layer trigger), and see what happens.


The selected state will always stay selected until the object is clicked again and deselected, or until another object in the same button set is selected. Select the three tabs, right click, and make them part of a button set. Then when one is clicked the others will go back to their previous state.