Selecting an avatar image at beginning of scene and then using selected avatar throughout module

Hi all,

Im starting a module that will allow the user to select an Avatar from 8 images, and the selected Avatar image then moves onto an ID badge graphic they will also enter their name and department which is then displayed ont he ID badge graphic.

Question is  how can i keep the Avatar selected so that i can use in throughout the module slides when i request it. (just like placing  %username% so it picks their name)

TIA   Glen

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Glen

you'd create a meaningful variable name for each one default to false and then as the avatar is selected by the user set a trigger to change the variable to true. So for each user only one of the 8 will be triggered to true.

Once the variable is true on slide 1.1, you can then use that in your triggers on subsequent slides to show that Avatar.

I put the avatars on slide 1.2 into a rectangle as states, which you could do so your rectangle would have 8 states and then depending on which variable is true when the timeline starts, it will show that corresponding avatar.

Hope that makes sense.